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Legend of Legaia - SDA Knowledge Base Thread by speed132 - Started 2006-10-06. Level Up Stats - Excel. Level Up Stats - Text. Recommended Level: Vahn 4 / Noa 5. Accesories: Vahn: Mei's Pendant. Noa: Scarlet Jewel. Notes: Vahn must have Gimard and it should ideally be level 5. Level 4 Gimard is acceptable but makes a... Legend of Legaia - Walkthrough/FAQ Legend of Legaia - Walkthrough/FAQ. (c)2001 Steve McFadden. You best not take this FAQ and claim it to be yours.I find that the lower left slot machine wins the most. Again be patient save try if it sucks reload and try again. Baka Fighter Pays out 400 or so coins if you win the entire... Legend Of Legaia - Misc. Codes (PSX Cheats) - CodeTwink… Enable Access to The Punch Mode on The Wild Card Slot Machine [Note 1]. 801D3CAC 0001.(Sony PSone™). Legend Of Legaia Notes. Note 1: With this code, when you see the "punch" scroll across the screen, turn the code off or it will mess up your bonus game.

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Legend Of Legaia is one of my most favourite game in my life. I spent everyday playing this game. Listening to all this song reminds me of Vahn, Noa and Gala. Legend of Legaia Rankings & Opinions What do people think of Legend of Legaia?Legend of Legaia is a 1998 Sony PlayStation role-playing video game created by Contrail. The game was followed by a 2001 sequel video game, Legaia 2: Duel Saga for the PlayStation 2 which, rather than continuing the first game's storyline, provides an... Legend of Legaia (Video Game) - TV Tropes

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Legend of Legaia PSX Cheats - Neoseeker Legend of Legaia Cheats. Legend of Legaia cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Jump to: ... Once you have around 50 Coins, go to the Slot machines on either side of the room and play the slot machines.

where the slot machine is and the guy will give you 10 coins. Don't waste them on the slot machine, instead talk tot he guy selling coins for 100 G each and when you say no he will ask you to you want to trade for items. Say Yes and then buy some bait for fishing. Go to the fishing spot southest of Vidna, and you can earn some items.

I can't think of anything offhand that is really important to test before the slot machine, except maybe if you knew some way to manipulate the random portion of how characters gain stat bonuses when their level increases. Stat gains are partially fixed, but also have a random bonus from 0-2 points (0-8 for HP). RPGFan Reviews - Legend of Legaia Legend of Legaia is a great RPG, with spectacular battles and graphics, cool mini-games, and an interesting story. Even though some aspects of the game are only decent, they are insignificant compared to the good aspects of the game. If you really like RPGs, and enjoy some difficulty in your games, than look for Legaia.

About two years ago I was playing Legend of Legaia until I reach the part in conkram where my game crashes when I travel through the mirror.Legend of Legaia problems. Thread starter Lord Tony.

Legend of Legaia - How to obtain the "Evil Talisman" early without reaching Level 99 - Продолжительность: 4:32 KWepic90 The Speedrunner 422 просмотра.Legend of Legaia Slot TAS - Продолжительность: 5:50 Bence Turcsanyi 248 просмотров.