How deep should nut slots be

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How deep should you file the nut slot? Is there a height the string should sit off the first fret, or is this a process of make one or two passes tune up, play every fret, then if it seems possible to go lower repeat the filing? Basic Set-up Instructions | Check the nut to make sure the slots are not too deep, and the bridge saddles to make sure they fit and functioning properly. Is Your Nut Driving You Nuts? | That said, steps can be made to correct problems with an existing nut to help make the guitar play the way it should. Below is a guide to doing just that! How to use a Milling Machine - Instructions

How to file nut slots! This Martin has terrible buzzing of the 6th string on the first fret, the rest ofStop your string slot file before it cuts too deep and the nut is ruined! StewMac's Dan Erlewine and DonStrings were installed incorrectly, nut slots were too small (string gauge was too large) and the neck...

How to set acoustic guitar saddle height | MusicRadar May 25, 2018 ... The truss rod, the nut slot depths, the bridge saddle radius, the fret tops condition ... When a guitar repairer makes one they should be making it ...

Mar 24, 2018 · How deep should nut slots be? Does it matter? Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Rick, Mar 22, 2018.

Nut slots should hold a guitar string firmly in place without ‘pinching’ it. If the slot is too narrow it can cause tuning problems. If it’s too big it can cause openCarefully cut the slot using your nut file. Pop the string back in frequently until you get the correct height and make sure the bottom of each slot is... Making a guitar nut from scratch - Strange Guitarworks If the nut slots are cut too high, the guitar will play stiff and run sharp in the lower registers; if they’re too low the open strings will buzz.Next I calculate how high the top of the nut should be, which is to come up to the halfway point on the string – just enough wall to hold the string in place, but not so... bridge grooves - how deep? | Forum

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There is no magical measurement for how “deep” a slot “should” be, because each guitar is a bit different and the player’s choice of strings andAs someone else said, the bottom of the slots should be about the height of the frets. The nut should act like a fret for open strings. You can get an idea if... Common Setup Problems Affecting Beginners | Hub Guitar If the nut slot is too deep, you will notice immediately because when you play that string open, it willGuitar technicians measure nut slot depth settings by using a measurement which is equivalent toHow to Fix a High Action. Lowering the guitar’s action can be done at home fairly easily with a little bit... Nut Making and Setup | How to replace a nut and setup your guitar, with setup specs from different players and factories.Fit the blank to the slot Carefully square up the nut blank to fit the slot by sanding its bottom and sidesTo allow the strings to clear the top of the first fret, the bottoms of the slots should be .030" higher... How to slot a nut to depth in 5 minutes | My Les Paul…